Sorry, I’ve been knitting 

Having spent a night at a fantastic RV park, a warm night’s sleep and job list well and truly ticked off, I am a happy Nads. Having a shower after 3 days of abstaining, with my hair tie having great difficulty against the might of the grease in my hair to stay put, I am a super happy Nads. I have also been very busy with my new hobby, knitting. Now, I’m only Nanny knitting level 1 at the moment but I definitely have time and opportunity to improve. It’s funny sitting off and listening to Queens of the Stone age whilst busily throwing out purl stitches, I reckon Josh Homme would totally dig it. It has caused me to be a little forgetful with day to day things; like meeting Rob on time and the dinner boiling over, also the lack of blog writing. My bad. Still, it’s incredibly relaxing and I would recommend it should you want to de-stress.

I have said it a few times before about how this is actually quite up and down and can be very tiring (blah blah blah). We had our spirits well and truly tested just a while back. Rob had decided to end the run at a truck stop for the evening. When we have a stop that will be our start for the following morning, I can usually head on and leave him on his last run. This works very well because I throw a superwomen tantrum if I have to attempt any reversing in the dark so it’s usually light enough for me to get settled. Truck stops are of course for truck drivers. They are essentially services (for UK readers) and it’s not really for RV’s to park overnight, however, they are often massive here, so you usually don’t take anyone’s space and as long as you’re prepared to move if you’re in the last one, I think it’s mostly ok to be in them. Well, except this night. I had parked at the end of an empty row; there were plenty of trucks about but I certainly wasn’t taking up space. I would guess, by the time we had climbed into bed, that there were easily 20 spaces available. Snuggled down and ready to sleep, I pass comment to Rob about how someone appears to be making a dog’s dinner over parking their lorry….then follows a rather angry thud on our door. I send Rob (so brave) and he gets promptly told that we’re parking in this rather friendly (sarcasm) gentleman’s way? Rob replied that we would happily move forward to help him out, even though we’re in a designated spot and therefore it would be no different if a lorry was parked there. This very jolly (sarcasm again) gentleman explained very politely (yep, sarcasm) that he wanted us to move and that he wanted to park where we were. Now, I can honestly say that Rob did the correct thing by agreeing to move as we didn’t want to end up with aggro’ but I know that what we both wanted to do, was to tell this rather horrible bully (no sarcasm), to go f@#$ himself. I am aware of the nuisance that people in RV’s can be. We’re slow and big and we’re possibly on our jollies and not working (little do they know). The thing is, just ask nicely and even before asking, ask yourself are you doing it because you genuinely want us to move to help you out or just because you want to prove a point and be an ass? I feel sorry for the guy to be fair. He must have got himself so angry and worked up over something he could have just let go. Imagine being that guy; imagine how miserable you must be to do that kind of thing? Inevitably, we managed to move across the road where it was actually quieter and glad that neither of us will ever be that guy. That’s the only time anyone has given us trouble in truck stops and mostly truck drivers seem to be really nice. Rob often comments on how they move over for him when he’s out running or they give him a beep and and wave. In the mayhem of moving at midnight for our fellow human being, Jenny actually wouldn’t start. She was being cheeky and somewhat annoying. After pulling the emergency start button, we were able to move but we realised very quickly that we had yet another problem to deal with….oh great. We got super lucky though and managed to find a proper mechanics (unlike the one in Vegas but we don’t talk about that right). They fixed everything, including our broken driver’s window (Yas! I can use my door again) They were also really friendly, which made up for grumpy pants man from the night before so we left grinning and feeling ready to move on. My love for Jenny repaired.

Going back through Arizona was amazing, along with the scenery from classic cowboy movies and the peacefulness of quieter roads. We’ve met a few good people too (except for that one grumpy ass, moody face, poo head) The routine is in and we are having a laugh about things again. We were joined by the sun, with his hat on, for a few days, which is quite the contrast to our trip through Death Valley. I have also been treated to some actual wildlife that’s alive and beautiful sunsets and sunrises. We’re now in New Mexico, a part of the trip that I loved last time, due to its open bleakness. It’s  a different route back through this time and not quite so quiet. It has also been incredibly windy; whistling through the vents and giving me and Jenny the odd nudge from time to time. I felt as if I was in some video game, trying to dodge the giant, kamikaze tumble weeds coming at me. I worry with how skinny Rob is that he’ll be blown away, off into Mexico.

Rob’s enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me. He is now running 40 plus miles a day and even though he is clearly tired, he still manages to return at every meeting spot with that lovely smile on his face. I feel sad that I can’t be with him until the end of this leg. I know I’ll miss it and I’ll most definitely miss him (Valentine’s day soon you know ;)). Any way, where did I put my knitting……

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A girl, following a boy across America.

4 thoughts on “Sorry, I’ve been knitting ”

  1. As always an interesting peep into the topsy turvy world of Nad n Rob. I really envy your experience of life from the perspective of supporting a fellow human being living his dream, also parts of America in the raw, so to speak. Your photos are great, giving a feel of what you are seeing. What wonderful memories you are storing for the future. Thank you both for yet another glimpse into the life of the long distance runner, and his trepadisious knitting companion. Continue the adventure with both caution and our best wishes.

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