I’m never really alone

Sat in the RV, watching the busy world zip by, wondering: “Where are they going? Why so busy?” I sit here with the sound of the clock, second, turning after second, waiting, to head out there into that mad rush to be somewhere else. The next meeting point, roughly around 6 miles along, is waiting for me to sit off, alone again…
I’m pretty introverted. When you first meet me you may think I don’t like you (my best mate thought I didn’t like her and that I was a bitch). As I have gotten older I try harder and hope that most people don’t feel that way. I either click with someone straight away or it’s a real slow burner. I promise that I don’t mean it. I think this is why Rob and I manage our relationship; he being massively extrovert and me happily hiding in the shadows but still being able to meet people and make lovely new friends through him. I’m not a dreamer or an achiever; I’m not in the slightest bit competitive so although I’m making myself sound rather dull (wow, I really am aren’t I?) I am mostly very happy. I have reasonably low expectations and I have no real set plans ahead. I’m just completely happy, bumbling along. Future planning sometimes terrifies me, I like deciding at the time what I want to do and how long for. I believe this to also play a part in why Rob and I get along so well. He is hugely competitive and loves nothing more than to make achievements and set goals (hence this run). I admire him for it but I don’t envy it. He has mentioned that should we ever have children (can you imagine) that he hopes they would have his drive and competitiveness (hah!). I’m not so sure but I get what he’s saying. My returning comment was I hope that they would have my good looks and humour 😉 but I would actually love them to be very much like Rob (could you imagine ).

So far, a lot of people have asked me if I get bored and I do but not often. Being introverted means I actually revel in those opportunities where I don’t have to mingle with the general public. I can write, read, clean, cook, shop (for food and not shoes or dresses unfortunately) take photos, watch wildlife and listen to my music. I have perhaps just enough of that time until Rob arrives or has arranged for us to meet up with some fellow runners for me to be ok with it. So at this stage it’s working out fine. However, I really am looking forward to a 2 week visit from our mate Beer (his surname, honestly). We have a fairly long stretch now from Austin to El Paso (approximately three weeks) and that shall really test my boredom levels. Having an end point with something to look forward to, like a friend joining us, has really changed the dynamics. Rob’s old school friend joined us for 2 days recently and it’s perfect respite. It’s  a difficult thing to ask of people; to take time off work and spend their holiday in an RV with us two. Most of Rob’s friends won’t know me and visa versa, so naturally it may not appeal but it’s one of the things that would always be appreciated.

Failing the ability to do that though hasn’t stopped many of our friends and a few strangers from getting in touch both publicly and privately, giving us fantastic support. I have had personal messages from Rob’s friends asking how I am and offering help should I need it. A lot of our mutual friends have been messaging, sharing our posts, tweeting and re-tweeting (The Tweetles as Rob calls them), calling UK based media on our behalf and spreading the word onto their friends about the website and Facebook page. My dad (best human being ever) pretty much messages me every single day to encourage both of us (thanks Dad. Lub you, YNWA.) We get phone calls from our good mate Geoff (from Melbourne) and from Colin (Rob’s step dad, YNWA either) with words of encouragement and just some very much needed silliness to bring us back down or up, to normal.

I was once a hater for social media and partly still hate some aspects of it. I came to love Facebook though when I moved to Australia because it gave me very close and constant access to those that I love and missed terribly back home. It allowed me to see how everyone was doing and If you can ignore the ‘fakeness’ of it and try to avoid getting  dragged into debates (!) I think it’s a great platform to keep in touch. It’s been an excellent way to spread the word for the run. I started Rob’s Instagram page last year and joined Twitter myself; which takes me back to the good old days of 30 letters a txt. I also tried Snapchat (I promptly left because I don’t understand it and some young lads were trying to contact me and I got scared)! I have embraced social media and I actually don’t mind it, in order to get as much coverage as we can because what Rob is attempting deserves that. Just as any body who voices constructive opinions, tries to make positive changes or attempts their own challenges to make something better does. So good on ya Facebook and the likes. We can just ignore the rubbish that goes along with it. It also helps keep me from getting bored, spying on you all (in a good way of course) and chatting to old friends and new ones, so thank you…. 

Where would we be without you all. Well, let’s be honest, I’d probably still be sat here, watching the cars full of busy people, rush by, whilst Rob runs up another hill, sweating, avoiding roadkill and angry road users, but it would be a very different journey, a much more difficult one. What better way to feel ok about crying over your smashed phone screen (that was me) or your creaky tendon (that was Rob, obviously) than the encouragement of strangers and comforting words of friends. You can not beat it and you will never realise how powerful it was when you did it, so thanks to you for your support, every single one of you. We owe you a drink when we next see you xxx

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A girl, following a boy across America.

5 thoughts on “I’m never really alone”

  1. Hi Mad so proud of you both. It’s fabulous thing your doing.going out their and following your dreams. Imagine all the stories you will have to tell your kids. Keep it up m atie love to you both from Adler Liverpool xxx

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  2. Mum and l are reading this together. We got up late this morning. Mum’s on holiday. I love that. We really look forward to your blogs. Please tell me do you chat to that panda, l would. Give robla our best wishes, and remind him how proud of him we are. We are in awe of what you are both doing, and wish you well. Take care both of you, our thoughts are ever with you. Ynwa.


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