We’re all sweaty around here

Heat, I love it. I am one of those people that can not bear the cold! In fact, I get angry about it.

When I was living in a flat, I was fairly poor and couldn’t really afford the lifestyle I wished to lead (not working, multiple holidays a month, having the heating on in the winter). I used to sit on the sofa inside a sleeping bag, with 4 hot water bottles and in my gloves and scarf. The Monsta (my beautiful best buddy) would curl up with me (he’s a large lurcher). I had to REALLY want to go to the loo or have a cup of tea to leave that little snug. If I did, I would often return to find The Monsta, curled up into a cookie shape, in my spot. It was horrible but eventually I started to earn enough that I could treat myself to some heating.

When Rob and I had planned to move to Australia a few people would tell me that they couldn’t do it because of the heat! Are you kidding me? That wasn’t even on my mind at all. I can lap it up and it’s never too hot…or so I thought.

We had a week in Melbourne where the temperature got up into the mid 40’s  (‘C). If we were in work, you just didn’t  know because of the aircon but as soon as you opened that door, It felt as though a hairdryer was blowing on full heat onto you. Even the wildlife was falling out of trees from heat exhaustion. We also travelled the West coast on a mini road trip and at some stages the temperature got up into the 50’s. I love the heat, but that’s ridiculous. 

So, we arrive in the deep south of America, where it’s not only hot (that’s fine) but humid too (not so fine). My hair hasn’t been down once and it’s not seen a hair straightener in weeks, there simply is no point. I doubt Rob ever realised my hair could resemble that of a lucky troll (if only I’d dyed my hair pink again before heading out). It’s  a shame because I like having  my hair down but it’s just too sticky, just like the rest of my whole body. Sweaty and sticky.

To make it worse, sitting in the RV with no aircon on (to preserve our fuel) is similar to sitting inside a large oven. I feel like a chubby little pig, roasting away with my fuzzy hair. To make it worse, my attractiveness doesn’t stop there for there is simply no point putting make up on. I discovered this after facing a mirror in the ladies restroom at a truck stop but not before having spoken with the cashier. At least then I understood her questionable gaze. It just slides down your face, resembling a Dali painting.
Rob is so much more sweaty than me though obviously. Every run, he returns, literally soaked. I first thought that he had perhaps jumped into a pool somewhere prior to meeting me but no, it was his own body, forcing sweat from every single pore in some vain attempt to cool his body down. His sweat glands must be shaking their heads at his brain. It both facinates me and grosses me out, with a little touch of concern. How does one sweat so much? Also, don’t you dare step into my clean RV like that.

It’s a routine that we have slowly had to develop. He returns from his run, dripping, so he removes everything (maintaining dignity) and just sits in an attempt to cool off. Meanwhile his top will be hung to dry, socks are disposed of into the stink bin along with his shorts and replaced with dry items. Sometimes, depending on the time of day and amount of time resting, he may change into completely new kit. This presents a problem when he changes kit maybe 3-4 times and we’re no where near a laundrette? The stink bin sits there being the unwelcome guest, literally festering and smelling like cat urine. The combination of Rob’s sweat and the heat and humidity in the RV makes not a good recipe indeed.

On greeting people, Rob has constantly had to excuse his appearance of beimg so sweaty, to which they nearly all reply “we’re all sweaty around here”. It’s  the perfect response.
I sit right now, typing this blog, waiting on our washing. I’m in a truck stop just off the off the highway whilst Rob has run ahead. The folks here have been so lovely and popped a tv on for me and allowed me to stay as long as I like, in the cool, cool air conditioned rest area. Maybe I can just tell Rob that the machine took hrs and just finish watching this movie before heading back out into that heat.

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A girl, following a boy across America.

4 thoughts on “We’re all sweaty around here”

  1. Seems to me, you are melting. I must admit l don’t envy you that clammy heat. Seems a real tough part of the run. Hope you are slowly heading for cooler parts. I recon it high lights just what an awesome run robla is into. We are following your progress with pride and great interest. The blog is great, love the writing.


  2. I feel for you with that stink from old sweaty running clothes. I know how bad Brian’s get. I highly reccomend sprinkling it with baking soda


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